Danny (danny_e11) wrote,

There's power in a Union

Originally I had decided against mentioning Mayday cos it would have been too obvious from me, but having just got back from the Billy Bragg gig in Barking I can no longer restrain myself, so:

Happy (belated) International Workers Day one and all - hope you all had a good one

Right, that is out of the way, now onto something possibly more important:

Thursday 4th of May, i.e. this coming Thursday, is local election day here in the UK and you MUST go out and vote! All of you. No seriously, you have to, voting is a right AS WELL as a responsibility - vote for whoever you want, I ain't going to tell you who you should go for as it's not for me to do so (and besides, if you know me you probably know at what end of the spectrum you can find me if you need ;-) ) but VOTE - it's important, it really is.

And if you're wondering why I'm posting this now, it's because I'm working tomorrow (as always, d'oh!) and going to the Sisters in the evening, and then will be abroad for work the following 2 days (therefore I voted by post, before some smartarse does the maths and jumps to conclusions), so I won't be online much if at all before Friday.

Right, that's it - bed now, long day tomorrow, g'nite all ;-)
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